Current Health Equity Projects

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)
ERAS programs ensure best practices as in use to optimize patient outcomes and decrease resource utilization.
• CESC partnered with Amy McCavour and Daphne Stewart, RN of the Horizon Health Network-Surgery Program to support the implementation of a formalized ERAS program in Saint John

Harm Reduction Housing: A Cost-Effective Program to Improve Care and Reduce Healthcare Burden for High Acuity Patients Living with Homelessness
Equity in care is a primary concern and current systems led to undeserving high need patients who are living with homelessness.
• Multi-disciplinary team including the department of infectious disease, social work, internal medicine, human ethics, and human development council to propose this project.

Assessing the Medical Experiences of High Acuity Patients Living in Homelessness in Saint John, New Brunswick
This study examines the individual, community, and health system-level barriers and facilitators for providing equitable care to those experiencing homelessness in the Saint John area.
• Collaboration with Dr. Mitra Kumari, Dr. Priscilla Medeiros, Dr. Eric Weisman, Dr. Duncan Webster, and Beverley Blissett, MSWRSW.

The impact of micro-aggression awareness training delivered to healthcare professionals. (Shades of Change)
This study concentrates on validating new training for health professionals on race based micro-aggressions in healthcare and the impact on patients and the healthcare system.
• Collaboration with Dr. Timothy Christie