Support Us

In addition to the spine surgery care we provide, we are working to improve the quality of spine care in New Brunswick, the Atlantic Provinces and across Canada through research. None of our research would be possible without the help of our patients, collaborators and funding partners.

There are many areas that need attention, from basic patient education to reducing wait times for surgical consultation and surgery itself. The actual type of surgery and technique needs to be evaluated and compared across the country to determine the best treatment. We treat patients who have deformities in their spine, tumours, infection, trauma and severe degenerative conditions. Spinal problems affect both children and adults. Making these improvements to our health care system are important, but this requires commitment and financial support.

We are asking for your help with a donation locally or to the Canadian Spine Research and Education Fund (CSREF). The CSREF is a charitable foundation whose purpose is supporting Canadian efforts to better understand and treat patients with spinal problems. Our very own Dr. Abraham has been conducting research at the Saint John Regional Hospital for over 25 years, is a Past-President of the Canadian Spine Society and Chair of the Canadian Spine Research and Education Fund.

Your donations will allow us expand these efforts and to continue to maintain the largest prospective spine surgery database in Canada and future research.

Any gift would be appreciated. Either fund is happy to receive whatever you can afford, particularly in light of today’s economic climate. We hope that you will consider making a donation to our local fund or to the CSREF in support of the Canadian Spine Society and their research efforts. The impact of this collaborative research is enormous with immediate and lasting influence on the treatment available to spinal patients in the future.

Thank you for considering our request. Please do not hesitate to contact our research office if you require assistance with your donation.