COVID-19 Update

Canada East Spine Centre is currently operating at regular times. Please visit our Facebook page for COVID-19 updates on any changes in our office hours.

We encourage you to reference the Government of Canada's COVID-19: Provincial and territorial resources page to get COVID-19 guidance, and testing and self-assessment information specific to your province or territory.

Please avoid going to the hospital if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms unless directed there by a healthcare provider. For general health concerns please call your primary care physician's office. In the case of an emergency you should call 911 immediately and clearly explain the situation including including if any COVID19 symptoms are present. If you are currently a patient of one of our physicians and need to reach them regarding COVID-19 symptoms or status which may impact your surgery or recovery they can be reached as follows:

Dr.Abraham's office: (506) 648-7971
Dr.Manson's office: (506) 649-2667
Dr.Small's office: (506) 633-3696
Dr.Attabib's office: (506) 648-6000. Transfer from main SJRH.
Dr.Kolyvas's office: (506) 648-6650
Dr.Le Roux's office: (506) 648-6000. Transfer from main SJRH.
Dr. Robichaud's office: (506) 648-6000. Transfer from main SJRH.

In addition to your physical health, it’s important to take care of our mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic as well. Here are some great resources, with lots of advice and strategies on this topic: