COVID-19 Update

We are currently operating at regular times. Please visit our Facebook page for COVID19 updates on any changes in our office hours.

You may also take the COVID-19 symptom self-assessment tool on the Government of Canada website. If you have any concerns regarding your health, please call your physician's office. If you or someone near you is having trouble breathing, call 911 immediately and clearly explain the situation (including if any COVID19 symptoms are present) to the dispatcher. You’ve done the right thing by contacting medical professionals. Please be mindful to avoid going to any of the surrounding hospitals if you have any of the COVID19 symptoms without notice.

Dr.Abraham's office: (506) 648-7971
Dr.Manson's office: (506) 649-2667
Dr.Small's office: (506) 633-3696
Dr.Attabib's office: (506) 648-6000. Transfer from main SJRH.
Dr.Kolyvas's office: (506) 648-6650
Dr.Le Roux's office: (506) 648-6000. Transfer from main SJRH.
Dr. Robichaud's office: (506) 648-6000. Transfer from main SJRH.