Our Current Research Projects

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Elucidating the effects of a prehabilitation program on spinal surgery candidates with cardiac comorbidities: A randomized controlled trial
• A randomized, controlled clinical trial to determine the effects of a physical activity and education based program pre-operatively on spinal surgery candidates with 3, or more cardiac risk factors.
• Collaboration with Dr. Robert Stevenson (Cardiology, Saint John Regional Hospital)

Effects of Intra-Operative Ropivaciane® Epidural Injection on Post-Operative Outcomes Following Elective Lumbar Fusion: A double blinded randomized controlled trial
• A double blinded, randomized controlled trial to test the efficacy of an intra-operative injection of Ropivaciane® on post-operative pain management.

Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network (CSORN) Prospective Database
• A prospective patient data collection effort that consecutively enrolls all consenting, adult, surgical patients at CESC. We are the second largest contributor to this database, and work with spinal surgeons in 20 different sites across Canada to maintain it.

Psychological Risk Factors for Poor Spine Surgery Outcomes
• A prospective, observational study to test the hypothesis that a combination of psychological risk factors can affect the recovery of a spine surgery patient.
• Collaboration with Dr. Dean Tripp (Pain psychology, Queens University)

Decompression Alone vs. Decompression and Instrumented Fusion for the Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Associated with Stable Degenerative Spondylolisthesis: A Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Pilot Trial
• A single blinded, randomized controlled trial to test the efficacy of decompression surgery without fusion in a population of patients for whom their spondylolisthesis condition is stable.
• Collaboration with Dr. Raja Rampersaud (Orthopaedic Spine Surgery, Toronto Western Hospital)

Surgical Treatment of Degenerative Spondylolisthesis: A Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan (SCAMPS) Canadian Spine Society (CSS) Multicentre Prospective Cohort Study
• A prospective observational study aiming to classify surgical techniques for the management of degenerative spondylolisthesis based on the stability of the pathology.
• Collaboration with the Canadian Spine Outcomes Research Network

Is Instrumentation Removal Required Following Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Fixation of Thoraco-Lumbar Fractures?
• A prospective, observational study to determine if a second surgery for removal of instrumentation is necessary following surgical management of traumatic spinal fractures.

Same Day Readmission Following Outpatient Lumbar Spine Surgery
• A prospective randomized study to determine if re-admission rates following day surgery can be mitigated through the implementation of a evidence based OR booking model.

Predictors of Post-Operative Urinary Retention in a Spinal Surgery Patient Population
• A prospective, observational study to determine if post-operative urinary retention following spinal surgery can be predicted by pre-operative urinary symptoms.
• Collaboration with Dr. Thomas Whelan (Urology, Saint John Regional Hospital)

Psychological Profiles of the Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Patient
• A retrospective analysis of the psychological profile of a patient who has failed back surgery syndrome.

Patient-Reported disability vs.Objective Physical PerformanceMeasures in Assessing Patient Recovery
• A prospective observational study comparing objective measure in biomechanical physical ability vs patient reported disability.
• Collaboration with Dr. Wayne Albert (Kinesiology, University of New Brunswick)

Opioid Analgesic Use in Patients with Degenerative Thoracolumbar Spine Pathologies: Impact of Surgical Intervention and Predictors of Long-Term Use
• A retrospective analysis determining the effect of long term pre-operative narcotic use on the surgical intervention.
• Collaboration with Dr. Carolyn Brunelle (Experimental psychology, University of New Brunswick)

Post-Operative Recovery following Spinal Correction: Home Experience(PORSCHE Study)
• A prospective observational study examining the pain and recovery patterns in a pediatric population following scoliosis correction surgery.
• Collaboration with Dr. Jill Chorney (Pediatric pain psychology, IWK Children’s Hospital)

Elucidating the prevalence and predictors associated with spine surgery revisions at the Canada East Spine Center
• A retrospective analysis determining the characteristics and possible determinants of who receives revision surgery at CESC.