2020 Projects and Publications


Elucidating the effects of a prehabilitation program on spinal surgery candidates with cardiac comorbidities: A randomized controlled trial
• A randomized, controlled clinical trial to determine the effects of a physical activity and education based program pre-operatively on spinal surgery candidates with 3, or more cardiac risk factors.
• Collaboration with Dr. Robert Stevenson (Cardiology, Saint John Regional Hospital)

Effects of Intra-Operative Ropivaciane® Epidural Injection on Post-Operative Outcomes Following Elective Lumbar Fusion: A double blinded randomized controlled trial
• A double blinded, randomized controlled trial to test the efficacy of an intra-operative injection of Ropivaciane® on post-operative pain management.

Predictors of Post-Operative Urinary Retention in a Spinal Surgery Patient Population

• A prospective observational study to determine if post-operative urinary retention (POUR) in a spinal surgery population can be predicted by pre-operative administration of a self-report urinary tract symptoms measure (I-PSS questionnaire).
• Collaboration with Dr. Thomas Whelan (Urology, Saint John Regional Hospital).


Craig M, Kroetsch S, El-Mughayyar D, Attabib N. Minimally invasive percutaneous C1–C2 transarticular screw fixation as a palliative management option in C2 metastases. Libyan J Med Sci 2020;4:29-31.


Cunningham E, Manson N, Abraham E, Attabib N, Bigney E, Richardson E, El-Mughayyar D, Wedderkopp N ,Hebert J. Preoperative depression risk is associated with unfavorable trajectories of neck and arm pain following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. 35th Annual North American Spine Society. October 2020.

Manson N, Bigney E, Darling M, Richardson E, El-Mughayyar D, Tripp D, Abraham E. Which baseline psychological measures add to the prediction of patient reported outcomes two years following elective thoracolumbar surgery? 20th Canadian Spine Society. February 2020.

Meagher J, Attabib N, Bigney E, Richardson E, El-Mughayyar D, Abraham E, Manson N. Ascertaining Opioid Prescribing Patterns of Spine Surgery across Canada: A Preliminary Look. 20th Canadian Spine Society Conference. February 2020.