Current Projects


Elucidating the effects of a prehabilitation program on spinal surgery candidates with cardiac comorbidities: A randomized controlled trial
• A randomized, controlled clinical trial to determine the effects of a physical activity and education based program pre-operatively on spinal surgery candidates with 3, or more cardiac risk factors.
• Collaboration with Dr. Robert Stevenson (Cardiology, Saint John Regional Hospital)
Please note this project is on hold due to COVID-19.

Effects of Intra-Operative Ropivaciane® Epidural Injection on Post-Operative Outcomes Following Elective Lumbar Fusion: A double blinded randomized controlled trial
• A double blinded, randomized controlled trial to test the efficacy of an intra-operative injection of Ropivaciane® on post-operative pain management.

Predictors of Post-Operative Urinary Retention in a Spinal Surgery Patient Population
• A prospective observational study to determine if post-operative urinary retention (POUR) in a spinal surgery population can be predicted by pre-operative administration of a self-report urinary tract symptoms measure (I-PSS questionnaire).
• Collaboration with Dr. Thomas Whelan (Urology, Saint John Regional Hospital).