Recognition and Awards

Manson N, Ellis K, Bigney E, Richardson E, Abraham E. Pre-operative psychological factors significantly add to the predictability of chronic narcotic use: A 2 year Prospective Study.
>> Debbie Scarlett Award for Best Overall Paper: 18th Annual Meeting Canadian Spine Society Conference, Banff, 2018

Fowler J, Abraham E, Daly E, Bigney E, Wagg K, Manson N. Nationwide Quality Assessment of the Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network (CSORN).
>> 2nd Place AMGEN Canada Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick Award, Saint John, 2017.

Wagg K, Manson N, Bigney E, Abraham E. Failed back surgery syndrome patients start out with a poorer psychological profile compared to primary spine surgery patients.
>> 1st Place Award for Health Research: 8th Annual New Brunswick Health Research Conference, Saint John, 2016.

Daly E, Manson NA, Bigney E, Wagg K, Abraham EP. Improved Data Capture and Quality Following Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures for a Single Site in the Canadian Spine Outcomes Research Network Database.
>> Best Poster Award: 16th Annual Meeting Canadian Spine Society Conference, Whistler, 2016.

Symington L, Bigney E, Abraham EP, Manson NA. Causes and Predictors of Same Day Re-Admission Following Outpatient Lumbar Spine Surgery.
>> Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation Best Poster Award: 2nd Annual RIM Research Day, Saint John, 2016.